Monday, November 12, 2012

1984 Book: Winston's Breaking point

A breaking point is the point at which something or someone gives way under strain. Not a lot of people make me hit that breaking point, but if they do, I would want to hurt them for doing whatever they did. I’m not the type of person who breaks down in tears. I’m just like Winston. Winston does not really have people who hit his breaking point, but there was one thing that did make him hit that point that caused him to subject Julia to this torture instead of him, and that was his fears. This is very depressing moment because Winston really loved Julia and she really didn’t do anything to make him do this.
One thing that makes me hit my breaking point is when someone is playing a cruel joke or if they are using my fears to scare me. One thing I’m really fearful of is getting shot. My friend did not have a real gun, but he had a BB gun and they really hurt if you get shot by them. I told him that if he shoots me, I’m going to kick his butt. He must have thought I was playing when I told him, because he shot me afterwards. After that, fists were flying and he lost a good friend for a stupid reason. In the book 1984, Winston’s fear was rats. He was very terrified at the sight of them and Obrien used rats to torture Winston. Before Obrien used rats to torture Winston, he had people beat him with fists, weapons, and their feet to get him to break, but that didn’t do anything to Winston. When Obrien used rats, Winston was very frightened. Remember, Winston was afraid at the sight of rats earlier in the book, but these rats are touching and biting off Winston’s face. This made Winston hit his breaking point. It caused him to completely not care if she was going to get hurt or not.
Winston really loved Julia. He just couldn’t take all the stress Obrien was giving him and he hit that breaking point and gave in. The person I was originally friends with was a great friend, but he was a bad influence to me. He was just like Julia who was a bad influence to Winston in the book. The secret relationship between them two caused both of them to get arrested and Winston had to go through torture all the time until he gave in and subject Julia to the torture instead of him.

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1984 Book: Literary Analysis: Heroes

Heroes always change in our mind as we grow. As a child, we think of superheroes, imaginary friends, and cartoons as our real heroes. As we grow older, our opinions keep changing from time to time. We’ll begin to think about the real things, about what heroes really are. How they really help people. Hero really affects our lives and other people's lives too. They change the way we think, teaching good things, and more. We always need heroes. People like the police officers, our parents, doctors, and firefighters are the people that we need. They help our society and the way we live. In the book 1984, Winston’s childhood was different from some people. He didn’t really have a hero for his parents disappeared when he was young.


Who people really think is their hero is the people who loves them the most which is their parents. The reason of that is because they raised us since we were a child. The way they raise us as a child will affect us when we get older. They took care of us, they fed us, they put clothes on our backs, and they gave us a good home to live in. They were always there to help when needed, and as long as we were on their good side, everything would be okay. If we are not, then they will discipline us. They call it tough love. Without it, kids would not act right.  Winston’s childhood was not good. He was exposed to bad and horrible things. This was after his parents disappeared during the war, and that affect his life later on.


Parents teaches us what’s right from wrong, how to be respectful to people, to never be negative, and to never use profanity. It is very difficult to grow up without parents and still make it through life. Without our parents, we would be lost in life. We would be disrespectful people with no education, no job, no life whatsoever, no home training, in jail, and no one would give a care about us because it’s not their problem. Winston’s life went wrong later on because he was not taught good things during his childhood years. He grew up not respecting the rules that the government was giving him even though they weren’t right, so for his punishment, he was completely brainwashed into following orders.


We all believe that we need people like the police officers, doctors, and firefighters. They may help our society and the way we live, but parents are better than them because these people can’t love and take care of us like our parents do. With our parents, our lives will be very good and even better when we get older. We’ll have a good enough education to get a job, or even a career. No one would dislike us because we are very respectful and cordial. That is why our parents are the real heroes.



1984 Book: Literary Reflection about Winston's fears

Everyone has a fear of something. It’s something that we don’t want to happen to ourselves but some cannot help it. Fear is an upsetting emotion produced by threat, danger, pain, etc. In the book 1984, Winston’s fear was rats. He wasn’t just troubled by rats. He was petrified of them. This was first revealed in Chapter IV, when he screamed at the sight of a rat. It’s embarrassing for Winston to be afraid of rats because his girlfriend, Julia, was right there at the time and she didn’t show any fear at all. The book shows that everyone has a fear.


Winston cannot tolerate rats, and O'Brien knows this and takes advantage of this fear in Room 101.  Winston sacrifices Julia.  He had hoped to keep his love for her in his heart, but the threat of rats in Room 101 destroys this.  After that, he has nothing left to love but Big Brother. Before Obrien used rats to torture Winston, he had people beat him with fists, weapons, and their feet to get him to break, but that didn’t do anything to Winston. When Obrien used rats, Winston was very terrified. One thing I’m really fearful of is getting shot. I’ve seen stories on the news of people dying every day from a shot and that really spooked me up. If there was a chance that I was getting robbed with an assault weapon, I would completely break down and act the same way Winston did in the rat cage.


When one lets themselves stay in fear, they are choosing to have the fear guide their actions like Winston did when he sacrificed Julia to this torture instead of him. I'm sure everyone has felt overwhelmed by fear at some point, maybe often. Most of us feel fear to some level or another, which is fine at a certain level, but when fear causes you to sacrifice someone’s life, then this must be a serous phobia. It’s very depressing that Winston did that because Julia was the only true love for him, and now he has no one else to love but Big Brother. That is a sad ending to the book, but that’s what fear does to people.