Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Meet Milo

This blog is about my dog Milo. I recently got him earlier in August from a family who couldn’t really take care of him. He is a Lhasao Apso mixed with a Yorkie and is currently 8 months old. Milo is a very energized dog. He loves to chew on things (especially toilet paper) and he loves to run around the house. We also have a cat and they sometimes get along but if Milo is annoying her, she'd give him a warning to back off.
This is a picture of how he originally use to look before I gave him a nice hair cut.
Milo does not like eating plain dry dog food, so what we do is mix the puppy chow with meat, then we add a little water to it and heat it up in the microwave. This takes about 2-5 minutes. Since Milo is a small dog, we feed him this only 3 times a day.
I taught Milo some moves. Here's a video of him doing one of them. He can stand on his hind legs. He is a little shy about doing it on the camera.
Everyday, it's either me or my brother who walks Milo. Everywhere we go, people always compliment about how cute my dog looks and they would want to pet him. Milo does not bite people or even bark at them. He is always welcoming people with open paws .... :3
Usually Milo gets a bath once every 2 weeks, but sometimes when Milo goes outside, he would easily get dirty or he would have a smell on him. Milo's fur color is white, so we will be able to easily see the dirt on him.
After his bath, he would run all over the house and flick water on everybody. It takes him an hour to dry off completely. I would try to dry him off with a towel but it's very difficult if he doesn't stay still.
Here is a video of him trying to dry of by running around.
 Awwwww!!! He's tired.
An hour has passed and now he is completely dry. My job here is done... :) 


Lhasao Apso


Yorkshire Terrier
  Since I have a Lhasao Apso dog mixed with a Yorkie, I want to show you two Dogs 101 vidoes of the dog that I have. This is the end of my blog, so thank you for reading it!

About me part II


My name is Amara Diomande and I recently blogged about myself a week ago, and I believe that you should know even more about me.  My favorite T.V. show as a child used to be SpongeBob, but now, I’m into funny T.V. shows like Ridiculousness. Me and my brother love watching that show every week. My favorite food is a lot of things, which is why I label them as my favorite Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert. My favorite breakfast is Strawberry and Cream Toaster Strudel. My favorite lunch is peanut butter & Jelly sandwich. My favorite dinner is buffalo wild wings. My favorite dessert is cheese cake. I am not really a sport fan, so I don’t have a favorite sport. My favorite actor is Tyler Perry. I recently saw one of his movies which were Alex Cross. The movie kept me awake the whole time and there was a whole lot of suspense. You should definitely go see this movie. My Favorite type of music is hip-hop, old school rap, and r n’ b. I’m not a big fan of the new century rap because all they do is make nonsense noise, they curse a whole lot, and all they do is talk about a lot of inappropriate things such as sex. Some people like that kind of music, but I don’t. One thing that I love to do is going to see my family members. I love them so much and I honestly rather hang out with them than anyone else. My friends, I label them. I label them by how our relationship. I have acquaintances, friends, good friends, best friends, and best friends forever. Acquaintances are the people who I just met or someone who was once my friend, but something happened. Friends are someone who I recently decided that I like who I want to know better. Good friends are someone who I’ve been friends with for a while now, so we really know each other well. Best friends are someone who I really love now, who will also be able to share their secrets. It is also someone who is not greedy, who will never steal from me, and would always be there for me no matter what. Best friends forever are someone who I dearly love. They are just like my best friend, but I think of them as family. Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you enjoyed it.

~Amara Diomande~

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Pencil Helper

The Pencil Helper was a fake comercial that me and my partners made. This was an assignment that my Digital Imaging teacher made us do for her class. The creation of this short video took us about a week.We made this video last year during my freshman year. It was a fun experience. Watch this video and comment on how you think about this. I hoped you enjoy it! .... :)
 If you can not really hear what we are saying, then look down.
Girl: Man! That test was hard
Boy: I Know!
Girl: What grade do you think you got.
Boy: I think I got an A
Girl: We'll I guess we'll wait and see.
_________________MINUTES LATER_________________
Girl: I got an F!
Boy: I GOT AN A!
Girl: How?
Boy: With the PENCIL HELPER!!!
*If you call now at 777-777-7777, I'll knock off one payment of this Pencil Helper and it will only cost $19.99.
Girl: I going to call and order one.

Keystone Pipeline

Actual picture of Keystone Pipeline

Keystone Pipeline is a pipeline that transported oil all around the United States. The pipeline starts at Alberta, Canada. The states or countries that are involved are the U.S, Regina, Saskatchewan, Steele City, Nebraska, Wood River, and Patoka. The controversy was about extension of the pipeline. The jobs that were created by the pipeline is about 5,000-20,000 jobs.

The Keystone Pipeline is a pipeline system that started in 2008, which transported synthetic crude oil and diluted bitumen from northeastern Alberta, Canada to multiple destinations in the United States President Dave Coles stated that 'the Keystone pipeline will exclusively serve US markets, create permanent employment for very few Canadians, reduce our energy security, and hinder investment and job creation in the Canadian energy sector'. . The Keystone Pipeline cost about 5.2 billion dollars and took about two years with the constructions and permits.

The states and countries that were involved with the Keystone Pipeline and the places that the pipeline stretched to were the U.S, Canada, Regina, Saskatchewan, Steele City, Nebraska, Wood River, and Patoka. This was part of phase 1 and 2 of the pipeline route. With the pipeline, now there is over a thousand jobs now for people to help make the pipeline a reality. The jobs that were created by the pipeline is about 5,000-20,000 jobs.
The Controversy was about extending the Keystone Pipeline making it the Keystone Pipeline XL. President Obama warned congressional Republicans that he will reject any attempt to tie a payroll tax cut extension to approval of the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline, which supporters say would create thousands of new jobs. The original Keystone Pipeline cost 5.2 billion dollars, but with the extension on it would cost 7 billion dollars. There were a lot of people protesting about the pipeline extension. Environmental groups have argued that the extraction of oil sands contributes to climate change and the pipeline poses leak risks.
I believe that the pipeline shouldn’t be extended because this is ruining the environment. There is pollution from it that will ruin our ozone and cause global warming. If there is an oil spill from a damaged pipe, then it will kill the environment and the animals that live in it. I also believe that the pipeline XL is unnecessary and a waste of time. It actually would cost more money than the original pipeline. There are only two advantages from the pipeline extension and that is people are getting more money and the countries are getting oil.

A cool ELECTROMAGNET experiment I've done

Science experiment: Building an electromagnet
Things I need: 19 cm nail, 3 in copper wire, 6 volt battery, compass
Steps I took:
 Step 1: Some of the copper wire needs to be exposed so that the battery can make a good electrical connection. Use a pair of wire strippers to remove a few centimeters of insulation from each end of the wire.
Step 2: Neatly wrap the wire around the nail. The more wire you wrap around the nail, the stronger your electromagnet will be. Make sure that you leave enough of the wire unwound so that you can attach it to the battery. When you wrap the wire around the nail, make sure that you wrap the wire all in one direction. You need to do this because
the direction of a magnet field depends on the direction of the electric current creating it.

 Step 3: Attach one end of the wire to the positive terminal of the battery and the other end of the wire to the negative terminal of the battery. If all has gone well, the electromagnet should be working.
To test this theory, I pointed the magnetized nail near the compass and the needle facing south pointed towards it.
An electromagnet is a magnet that runs on electricity. Unlike a permanent magnet, the strength of an electromagnet can easily be changed by changing the amount of electric current that flows through it. The electromagnet was developed from a series of observations. In 1820 Hans Christian Oersted discovered the relationship between electricity and magnetism. He found out that the wire carrying a current had a magnetic field which acted like a magnet. Electromagnetism is very important in our lives. The main technological uses of electromagnets are in storing information and moving things. They are used in many electrical devices like electrical balls (Ex. Plasma flashers), loudspeakers, magnetic locks and various magnetic recording devices such as computer disks, tape recorders, VCR, etc. Televisions also use electromagnets to power the cathode ray tube to regulate the direction of the beam of electrons, used to illuminate the screen. Electromagnets are also used in telephones, mobile phones and doorbells. Moving metals and picking up cars in junkyards are some of the common everyday uses of electromagnets. Spacecrafts also use electromagnets in the propulsion system to generate power.

Remember the bombing on Pearl Harbor

USS Arizona information-
On December 7th, 1941, the USS Arizona located at Pearl Harbor in Honolulu, was sunk during the Japanese attack with the loss of over eleven hundred crew members. The memorial remembers all military personnel who were killed in the Pearl Harbor attack.
5 W’s
Who-The Japanese Imperial Navy and the U.S. Navy-Marine Corps/and the U.S. Army Air Corp were the involved in the Pearl Harbor bombing.
What-The Japanese launched a surprise attack on a U.S. military base
When- On December 7, 1941
Where- At Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Why-To knock out the U.S. Pacific Fleet as a significant fighting force so we could not oppose their conquest of South East Asia and the Pacific Islands.
Personnel killed              U.S.              Japan
Navy                              1,999            64
Marine corps                  109              
Army                              233              
Civilian                           49                
Personnel wounded
Navy                              716               N/A
Marine corps                  69                
Army                              364              
Civilian                           35
Sunk or becched            12                 5
Damaged                        9                  
Destroyed                      164               29
Damaged                        159               24

Why should we remember this today-
The Bombing of Pearl was a tragedy in many ways. Not only did it kill over 2400 people, mostly servicemen, but it set the stage for Curtis Lemay’s devastating firebombing of Japan, and it sent thousands of Americans into the war in both the Pacific and Europe.

1984 Book: Winston's Life is kinda Ironic

So far, some events happening in Winston’s life has been ironic. These ironies make it harder for Winston to live a life where he gets what he wants because of the government’s controlling laws. Winston lives in a world where things are dull, but deep inside he doesn’t want to be like this, but if Winston disobeyed the rules, he would ‘vanish’ just like his father did when he was around ten-years-old. Winston’s wife, Katherine, is the type of person who is devoted to the party, and would only have intercourse with Winston just to produce a child. When Katherine saw that they couldn’t, she abandons him. The Dark-haired lady came into Winston’s life in Chapter one. Winston says that he dislikes her, but he is just jealous that he cannot have her. An example is this erotic dream that he had about her, which was kind of weird. Winston had sex with this old, unattractive prostitute and he writes about it in his diary. The ironic thing was that he didn’t know that she was ugly until her face hit the lights.

Katherine and Winston are married. What’s ironic is that they do not act like a regular couple because of the ruling Party of London, which prohibits free thought, love, and any expression of individuality. The party's only reason to match people together in marriage is so that they will produce children. Since this wasn't happening and Winston did not enjoy the scheduled sexual relations due to trying to have a child, Katherine leaves Winston. Somehow they are technically still married because the Party prohibits divorce even though Winston hasn’t seen her for years.
Winston notices the dark haired lady in chapter 1 at his job. She works in the Fiction Department at the Ministry of Truth. Winston actually shows hatred towards her, but he is just jealous that he can’t have her. This is shown when he has an erotic dream about her and in a dream, the lady is undressed completely and Winston is amazed at how easily she does this. The ironic thing about this is that Winston’s dream shows many sexual and loving feelings towards the lady even though he says that he doesn’t like her.

In Chapter 6, Winston writes in his diary about a horrible encounter that he had three years ago with a prostitute. He had done this, knowing that he would get in big trouble if he got caught. What was ironic about this was that Winston at first thought that this woman was beautiful and sexy. He realizes that the woman was old and unattractive when he saw her face in the lights. She had a whole lot of make-up on to cover her face, so it would be hard to tell.

Events in Winston’s life have been so very ironic. He’s been living in a world of dystopia where there are a lot of things that people can’t do or they’ll get disciplined. Winston loses a wife who probably didn’t love him back because love is prohibited in London. He has had a crush on one of his co-workers, but in a world where a lot of things are restricted, Winston is probably too afraid to say anything, so he’s just angry and jealous of her. Living in London makes it harder for Winston to find another spouse because love with  pleasure are not allowed, and because he gets what the Party matched him with already, so he ends up trying to have sex with a prostitute.