Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Meet Milo

This blog is about my dog Milo. I recently got him earlier in August from a family who couldn’t really take care of him. He is a Lhasao Apso mixed with a Yorkie and is currently 8 months old. Milo is a very energized dog. He loves to chew on things (especially toilet paper) and he loves to run around the house. We also have a cat and they sometimes get along but if Milo is annoying her, she'd give him a warning to back off.
This is a picture of how he originally use to look before I gave him a nice hair cut.
Milo does not like eating plain dry dog food, so what we do is mix the puppy chow with meat, then we add a little water to it and heat it up in the microwave. This takes about 2-5 minutes. Since Milo is a small dog, we feed him this only 3 times a day.
I taught Milo some moves. Here's a video of him doing one of them. He can stand on his hind legs. He is a little shy about doing it on the camera.
Everyday, it's either me or my brother who walks Milo. Everywhere we go, people always compliment about how cute my dog looks and they would want to pet him. Milo does not bite people or even bark at them. He is always welcoming people with open paws .... :3
Usually Milo gets a bath once every 2 weeks, but sometimes when Milo goes outside, he would easily get dirty or he would have a smell on him. Milo's fur color is white, so we will be able to easily see the dirt on him.
After his bath, he would run all over the house and flick water on everybody. It takes him an hour to dry off completely. I would try to dry him off with a towel but it's very difficult if he doesn't stay still.
Here is a video of him trying to dry of by running around.
 Awwwww!!! He's tired.
An hour has passed and now he is completely dry. My job here is done... :) 


Lhasao Apso


Yorkshire Terrier
  Since I have a Lhasao Apso dog mixed with a Yorkie, I want to show you two Dogs 101 vidoes of the dog that I have. This is the end of my blog, so thank you for reading it!

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