Tuesday, November 20, 2012

1984 Book: Part II Chapter 9

In chapter 9, there are events in Winston’s life has gotten him really stressed out and tired. Hatred use to be directed at Eurasia, but on the sixth day of Hate Week, suddenly Oceania's alliance changed, so Eurasia was their ally, and the enemy was now Eastasia. Julia and Winston finally get some alone time together after Winston did 5 days of deleting all bad history on Eurasia, but somehow they got caught and arrested by the Thought police. And another thing was that Mr. Carrington was the reason why Winston and Julia got arrested because he was an undercover Thought police officer and he was also the one who allowed Winston and Julia to use his room.

Oceania was constantly at war with Eurasia, but somehow they came to an agreement and became allies. This is just like when I fight with my siblings, but in the end we end up getting along. Winston and his fellow workers at the Ministry had spent 90 hours rewriting history so that no trace of the war with Eurasia could be found in the documents of the past 5 years. That is just like forgetting anything bad my siblings did and giving him a clean slate. This was stressful for Winston because he has to spend about 5 days of his time removing anything that related to disliking Eastasia and that was a lot of work.

Winston was very busy for almost a week after finding out that Eurasia and Oceania were now allies. Julia and Winston have had little time to meet, but now they can look forward to a small amount of time together. This is just like me trying to spend time with my family member that I haven’t seen for a while. Things got worse for Winston and Julia when they got caught being together by the thought police and they got arrested. All of this is so stressful for Winston because he just got done doing work, and now he and Julia are facing criminal charges.
Mr. Carrington was helping Winston and Julia see each other more by allowing them to both use his room for alone time. Winston had trusted him but it turns out that Mr. Carrington was a Thought police officer and he ratted out Winston and Julia. This is all so stressful because now Winston just got done with work, he is facing criminal charges, and he now just found out that the person he trusted to protect him just got him in trouble.
All Winston wants to do is to spend time with his girlfriend, but he can’t. When Winston had some time to spend with her, they get separated again. It is so stressful for Winston to live in a life where you can’t show your feelings or have pleasure towards someone or you’ll get in trouble. Now they are arrested and it might be a while for Winston to ever see Julia again.

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