Tuesday, November 20, 2012

1984 Book: Winston's Life is kinda Ironic

So far, some events happening in Winston’s life has been ironic. These ironies make it harder for Winston to live a life where he gets what he wants because of the government’s controlling laws. Winston lives in a world where things are dull, but deep inside he doesn’t want to be like this, but if Winston disobeyed the rules, he would ‘vanish’ just like his father did when he was around ten-years-old. Winston’s wife, Katherine, is the type of person who is devoted to the party, and would only have intercourse with Winston just to produce a child. When Katherine saw that they couldn’t, she abandons him. The Dark-haired lady came into Winston’s life in Chapter one. Winston says that he dislikes her, but he is just jealous that he cannot have her. An example is this erotic dream that he had about her, which was kind of weird. Winston had sex with this old, unattractive prostitute and he writes about it in his diary. The ironic thing was that he didn’t know that she was ugly until her face hit the lights.

Katherine and Winston are married. What’s ironic is that they do not act like a regular couple because of the ruling Party of London, which prohibits free thought, love, and any expression of individuality. The party's only reason to match people together in marriage is so that they will produce children. Since this wasn't happening and Winston did not enjoy the scheduled sexual relations due to trying to have a child, Katherine leaves Winston. Somehow they are technically still married because the Party prohibits divorce even though Winston hasn’t seen her for years.
Winston notices the dark haired lady in chapter 1 at his job. She works in the Fiction Department at the Ministry of Truth. Winston actually shows hatred towards her, but he is just jealous that he can’t have her. This is shown when he has an erotic dream about her and in a dream, the lady is undressed completely and Winston is amazed at how easily she does this. The ironic thing about this is that Winston’s dream shows many sexual and loving feelings towards the lady even though he says that he doesn’t like her.

In Chapter 6, Winston writes in his diary about a horrible encounter that he had three years ago with a prostitute. He had done this, knowing that he would get in big trouble if he got caught. What was ironic about this was that Winston at first thought that this woman was beautiful and sexy. He realizes that the woman was old and unattractive when he saw her face in the lights. She had a whole lot of make-up on to cover her face, so it would be hard to tell.

Events in Winston’s life have been so very ironic. He’s been living in a world of dystopia where there are a lot of things that people can’t do or they’ll get disciplined. Winston loses a wife who probably didn’t love him back because love is prohibited in London. He has had a crush on one of his co-workers, but in a world where a lot of things are restricted, Winston is probably too afraid to say anything, so he’s just angry and jealous of her. Living in London makes it harder for Winston to find another spouse because love with  pleasure are not allowed, and because he gets what the Party matched him with already, so he ends up trying to have sex with a prostitute.

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