Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Pencil Helper

The Pencil Helper was a fake comercial that me and my partners made. This was an assignment that my Digital Imaging teacher made us do for her class. The creation of this short video took us about a week.We made this video last year during my freshman year. It was a fun experience. Watch this video and comment on how you think about this. I hoped you enjoy it! .... :)
 If you can not really hear what we are saying, then look down.
Girl: Man! That test was hard
Boy: I Know!
Girl: What grade do you think you got.
Boy: I think I got an A
Girl: We'll I guess we'll wait and see.
_________________MINUTES LATER_________________
Girl: I got an F!
Boy: I GOT AN A!
Girl: How?
Boy: With the PENCIL HELPER!!!
*If you call now at 777-777-7777, I'll knock off one payment of this Pencil Helper and it will only cost $19.99.
Girl: I going to call and order one.

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